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Datawatch recently released version 3.0 of VorteXML Designer. In addition to schema support, this new version includes several updates and features that further simplify the process of generating XML by enriching any text document. Overview In my consulting practice, most of the solutions I recommend and build for clients require contextual variations that justify the use of XML. The ability to have attributes and metadata associated with specific documents becomes critical to processing instance-specific variations. While the actual solutions are straightforward, the challenges often come down to the laborious and tedious task of understanding the variances and populating these exceptions into the XML from the existing systems. VorteXML Designer from Datawatch Corporation has provided me with an easy-to-use tool to address this need. VorteXML allows me to build and... (more)

Getting Started with Minimum Investment

This session will use practical use-cases where the use of XML allowed customers to realize a spectrum of solutions from Business Analytics, Partner Data Collection, Regulatory Compliance, Billing Services, and Content Management. Ketan talks from experience as he discusses the lessons learned from specific consulting projects where the business requirements warranted the use of XML as an enabling technology. Each use-case describes a specific business problem where the capabilities of XML were integral to the solution. By focusing on a practical use of XML focused on the busines... (more)

Semantics and Context

Although XML defines each data element in a given transaction (the semantics), there's no mechanism to also communicate the business context. This represents the difference between reading XML and understanding the business impact of the transaction. The use of namespaces, numeric values, and time stamps all create some context when looking across transactions or business entities. In this article we'll discuss the difference between semantics and context and the challenges this difference creates relative to performance and scalability. One of the core tenets of XML is its exte... (more)

Turning The XML Engine

The single most significant factor in the performance and scalability of XML may be the runtime engine that processes it. Parsers are the key component of that runtime engine and present a unique set of issues. By looking at the current capabilities and limitations of parsers, we can assess the performance and scalability constraints of a given XML application. The processing of an XML document by an application must begin with the parsing of the document's various elements and attributes. This processing communicates both data and metadata to the calling application. With XML, th... (more)

Storing And Retrieving XML Content

At the outset XML separated the data from the metadata. This structural separation was intentional - it simultaneously allowed XML to be the logical evolution of a document, a new transaction medium, and the conversation engine that connects applications. Deciding how your application will use XML has implications you must consider when choosing a storage strategy. This article examines the storage and retrieval of XML, and the scalability and performance implications of the different approaches required when storing XML as a document, resolving it to a database, or maintaining i... (more)